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Saltire Stables - Our History


Saltire Stables was established in Scotland to design, manufacture and erect a superior range of buildings, principally for the Equestrian Community.  The looseboxes, shelters, barns and other structures are all designed specifically to withstand the rigours of climate that our Scottish location brings, and the benefit is a building suitable for any location in the UK, Ireland or beyond.

We are based in Cupar, Fife, an ideal location to service our customers who lie throughout Scotland and beyond. We began in 1992 and despite our growth still try to retain a hands-on approach which helps customers feel they can contact us at any time about any aspect of their building. As an example, though plans are drawn up it can happen that the area available can be a little more or less than allowed for and accordingly a building can be amended at anytime before we actually manufacture it to accommodate this.

As a Scottish based company, we recognise that quality and value for money are not conflicting ideals and our comprehensive range reflects this.  As well as all those aspects of quality, service and value you would demand of any leading company, we pride ourselves in a “personal” approach to service with high standards of excellence - we will meet you at your convenience, not ours!  Your business is important to us and we have the in-depth ability and the desire to give you the service you expect and demand.


Saltire Stables field-shelter with lined 5 bar gates
Saltire Stables Livery Yard Complex


Field Shelter with lined 5-bar gates;   Livery Yard Looseboxes with louvre windows and swivel feeder options


In concert with this personal service, we are always looking to expand and improve our range to meet our customer's needs.  Therefore whilst still maintaining our core range of timber buildings, in 2011 we incorporated a steel fabrication unit to our business which now enables us to manufacture our steel framed CUILLIN range of Internal stabling in our own workshops along with our own steel galvanised runners for our towable fieldshelters and panels for kennel runs etc.  This direct control allows us to bring the same flexibility to our steel components as with our timber stables and barns etc. 


We have supplied many private clients who often return for other work having been pleased with our service. Local Authorities such as Glasgow City Council and educational bodies like Riding for Disabled, Aberdeen College and Barnados have put us through extensive tendering processes where we have come top for specification and value. Many of our customers are working yards, either livery or racing / showjumping yards, as well as racecourses such as Perth and Scone.

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