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Green Notes

Here at Saltire Stables we try our best to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  

Many of the programmes we follow in the company have been at the heart of our business philosophy since we were established in 1992 because they made good common sense and a process on continual evolution has kept us ahead of the curve. We were one of the first companies to use email and have a website back in the early 90's for efficient lower cost business reasons and have a transparent and open approach to business publishing prices up front for all to see as part of our fair trade policy. We also offered a pioneering project to offset carbon costs.

There is always more to be done and we strive to improve our performance in all aspects of our business but it always comes down to a partnership with you, our customer to make the real difference.

So, how can I play my part?

We probably all know the usual steps we should take to have a greener lifestyle but that needn't be a restricting, negative factor. A first step like minimising travel by communicating electronically or by post to assess initial design costs makes as valuable contribution, as does something like rainwater harvesting - incorporating some rainbutts for your daily water needs! What about installing rubber flooring systems minimise waste created in your midden? (Plus you don't have to drive to get more bales of bedding!)

Mini Barn with Water Butts

Foaling Box with Equimat Flooring

Mini Barn with water butts and Foaling Box with Equimat rubber flooring

Remember as well to consider both immediate and future project costs- does low cost mean more frequent replacement long term? Is the building fully pressure treated for long life?  Can your building move house with you or can it be adapted for other purposes in the future? Effective and efficient design needn't cost the earth!  All simple steps to a better future……..

We'd love you to consider a timber building from Saltire Stables as an answer to all these questions especially as we feel we have close to a zero carbon building solution for you. We're here to help - just ask

Why Use Timber?                                                                                                
* Wood acts as a carbon bank.

* Wood is renewable, harvested at less than its growth rate.

* Wood is 100% biodegradeable.
* 10-20x less energy to convert trees than concrete or steel.
* Easier & quicker to manufacture than metal or concrete.
* Does not use up precious resources like water or oil.
* Easy to recycle or reuse.
* Can be used as a fuel source.
* Trees produce oxygen and remove CO2.
* Forests prevent soil erosion and prevent flooding.
* Trees clean up our waste products and purify our water.

Why Build In Wood?
* Insulating values 400x better than steel.
* Lower overall cost of construction.
* Easily understood, simple technology.
* No need for expensive utilities.
* Foundations reduced as light weight.
* Proper design creates up to 50 year design life.
* Reduced transportation costs.
* Low running costs due to inherent attributes of timber.
* Easy to extend amend and alter.
* Easy to remove and reuse in other locations.
* A stable locks up 1.7 tonnes carbon and a double garage around 1.2 tonnes.
* Low maintenance figures.

What do Saltire Do?   
* Design in component sections erected by human power, not machines.

* Design using economic lean principles to minimise waste and costs.
* Use only timber with FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.
* Programme construction schedules to reduce transportation costs.
* Design using mechanical rather than chemical fixing.
* Arrange site visits in geographic areas to eliminate excess travel.
* Utilise fuel efficient vehicles and optimise travel routes.
* Recycle any final timber off-cuts into mulch for parks and riding arenas.
* Reduce landfill to absolute minimum.
* Reuse material use where possible and recycle timber and packaging.
* Use Green energy suppliers.
* Recycle office paper.
* Moving away from paper to electronic brochures.
* Use energy saving lightbulbs and electrical circuit timers.

* Heat facilities with wood trims.

* Use local suppliers wherever possible.

* Develop long term sustainable supply chain practices.
* Continually review and assess business practices.
* Use Green products eg.

     * Onduline roofing which has organic fibre bases.
     * Cuillin plastic infills made from recycled lemonade bottles.
     * JFC drinkers using post consumer waste plastics.
     * Equimat floor and wallmat - mostly natural renewable rubber.

Low Carbon Buildings



One of the great things about timber building systems is that they leave a small carbon footprint. Over it's lifetime, timber emits 5 times less carbon than concrete and 10 times less that steel! In addition Saltire Stables have had lean manufacturing systems in place for many years which minimise waste and we also recycle all our timber offcuts which are turned into mulch for parks, gardens and riding surfaces. Every stable we manufacture typically locks up 0.7 tonnes of carbon and our typical double garage about 1.2 tonnes.

Our buildings are also lighter to transport and designed to be erected by manpower only meaning they are just about as green as it is possible to be at the current point in time!

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