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Technical Information


Technical Matters

Planning permission ensures that a building is as sympathetic to the environment as possible.  However a Building Warrant is a different system, designed to ensure that the structure is OK for its designed purpose and won’t be of risk to any third party.  Building Warrant is normally only needed for larger and commercial structures.

Saltire Stables use a “lean” economic design for most buildings and have developed a building system that is adaptable to a wide range of structures. Our original stable designs were checked out by TRADA  and have been regularly checked by design engineers to ensure that they meet the current design specifications. You can therefore be assured of your buildings’ performance.  One advantage of this is that this report is usually sufficient for Building Warrant purposes without incurring the costs of a Structural Engineering report every time.  In cases where this is required (usually specialist structures) we are able to commission a report from approved third parties but this cost is payable in full regardless of the success of the application.

Barn Portal Frame detail

Canadian Barn Framework

Saltire Stables building system  was evaluated by the Timber Research & Development Association (TRADA) for exposure ratings experienced in any location in the UK - and in the Highlands of Scotland it regularly receives a thorough testing!

We use only quality components and all structural members are kiln dried and stress graded with timbers being marked for provenance and strength in accordance with BS5268.  Additionally all fixings are fully galvanised and where applicable, items like joist hangers have a design stress allocated to them.  This means that in conjunction with the roofing, like the BBA approved Onduline system, the whole structure is correctly designed.

When you have to submit a Building Warrant application, we will forward a full technical data pack including bespoke cross section CAD drawings for your specific project (chargeable but refunded in full on final invoice) , typical construction schematics and a copy of our generic building technical specification report as applicable to your building.  This should answer all the questions needed but don’t forget you can use our Freephone Customer Service Line 0800 132386 if you have any queries.

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