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Looseboxes Picture Gallery
(175 images - click any image for a larger picture and slideshow)
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Picture Number: 1

Full courtyard development in Cldye Range

Saltire Stables - Clyde Courtyard
Clyde Stable
Saltire Stables - Clyde entrance archway
Clyde Stable 2
Picture Number: 2

Clyde entrance archway raised for horsebox entry

Picture Number: 3

Olive green alloy profile clad roofing - standard specification roofing in Clyde range 

Saltire Stables - Clyde metal roofing view
Clyde Stable 3
Saltire Stables - Clyde corner view
Clyde Stable 4
Picture Number: 4

Clyde courtyard development corner view showing rear polycarbonate strips to upper wall panels

Picture Number: 5

Clyde stable fronts with multislat louvre windows, crook and band hinges to doors and steel sheet to front of bottom stable door

Upper door lined in weatherboarding

Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts
Clyde Stable 5
Saltire Stables - Clyde with standard polycarb
Clyde Stable 6
Picture Number: 6

Clyde with standard polycarbonate strips to upper wall panels for natural light

Picture Number: 7

View of Clyde courtyard development

Saltire Stables - Clyde courtyard
Clyde Stable 7
Saltire Stables - Clyde archway detail
Clyde Stable 8
Picture Number: 8

Clyde coutryard entrance archway detail

Picture Number: 9

Clyde stable fronts with chewstrip to door surround and swivel feeder under multislat window

Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts
Clyde Stable 9
Saltire Stables - Clyde with Juniper Green roof
Clyde Stable 10
Picture Number: 10

Clyde stable block with Juniper Green alloy profile clad roof

Picture Number: 11

Clyde roof view showing Juniper Green alloy profile clad roofing

Saltire Stables - Clyde roofview
Clyde Stable 11
Saltire Stables - Clyde front doors detail
Clyde Stable 12
Picture Number: 12

Clyde front doors detail showing crook and band hinges, autolok bolt and steel sheet to front of bottom door

Picture Number: 13

Clyde livery complex

Saltire Stables - Clyde livery complex
Clyde Stable 13
Saltire Stables - Clyde with raised apex loading doors
Clyde Stable 14
Picture Number: 14

Rear veiw of Clyde stable block development with raised apex loading doors in gable

Picture Number: 15

Clyde showing roof sarking

Saltire Stables - Clyde showing roof sarking
Clyde Stable 15
Saltire Stables - Clyde rear polycarb inside
Clyde Stable 16
Picture Number: 16

CInterior view of Clyde rear polycarbontae panel  with timber louvre vent to side

Picture Number: 17

Clyde fronts detail with standard doors, multislat louvre windows and swivel feeders located beneath windows

Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts detail
Clyde Stable 17
Saltire Stables - Clyde roof view
Clyde Stable 18
Picture Number: 18

Clyde roof view

Picture Number: 19

Clyde fronts and louvre windows

Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts and louvre windows
Clyde Stable 19
Saltire Stables - Clyde inside with wallmat option
Clyde Stable 20
Picture Number: 20

Interior view of Clyde loosebox with swivel feeder, drinker, wallmatting and anti-nosing grid to inside of multislat louvre window

Picture Number: 21

Clyde stable block corner, showing lined overhang and front details

Saltire Stables - Clyde corner details front
Clyde Stable 21
Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts
Clyde Stable 22
Picture Number: 22

Clyde stable fronts with single rugrail fitted to each top half door

Picture Number: 23

Clyde fronts with optional swivel feeder

Saltire Stables - Clyde fronts with optional swivel feeder
Clyde Stable 23
Saltire Stables - Clyde showing rear loading ramps
Clyde Stable 24
Picture Number: 24

Rear of Clyde stable development showing loading ramps fior access doors

Picture Number: 25

Clyde courtyard development with central menage

Saltire Stables - Clyde showing menage courtyard
Clyde Stable 25
Saltire Stables - Clyde with Onduline roof option
Clyde Stable 26
Picture Number: 26

Clyde specification stable block with separate reception building all with optional red onduline roofing

Picture Number: 27

Clyde specification stable block with raised horsebox store

Saltire Stables - Clyde with raised horsebox store
Clyde Stable 27
Saltire Stables - Clyde with dormer roof feature
Clyde Stable 28
Picture Number: 28

U-shaped Clyde stable block with central dormer roof feature above sliding doors

Picture Number: 29

Clyde stable block in bespoke angled feature design

Saltire Stables - Clyde front with angled feature
Clyde Stable 29
Saltire Stables - Clyde front jointed with existing stable
Clyde Stable 30
Picture Number: 30

Clyde stables in bespoke angle design jointed with existing stables

Picture Number: 31

Clyde rear louvre slat windows with polycarbonate strips and timber louvre vents to upper wall panels

Saltire Stables - Clyde rear louvre slat windows
Clyde Stable 31
Saltire Stables - Clyde stained black
Clyde Stable 32
Picture Number: 32

Clyde stable block, stained black and with shingle roof

Picture Number: 33

Clyde stable block showing corner roof turn in alloy profile clad roofing

Saltire Stables - Clyde showing corner roof turn
Clyde Stable 33
Saltire Stables - Clyde with rear polycarb
Clyde Stable 34
Picture Number: 34

Close up of rear polycarbonate strips  and timber louvre vents to upper rear panels in Clyde stable block

Picture Number: 35

Bespoke Clyde stable block with reduced canopy to end section for trailer storage

Saltire Stables - Clyde with reduced canopy for trailer storage
Clyde Stable 35
Saltire Stables - Clyde with extended store using canopy
Clyde Stable 36
Picture Number: 36

Clyde stable block with extended store using canopy and single access door

Picture Number: 37

Clyde stable block with looseboxes to one end and storage area other

Standard specification building, stained black by customer 

Saltire Stables - Clyde customer stained black
Clyde Stable 37
Saltire Stables - Clyde block customer stained
Clyde Stable 38
Picture Number: 38

Clyde stable block stained black by customer with 4 looseboxes and storage area.

Picture Number: 39

Clyde stable block with Bardoline shingle roof and extended canopy to one end

Saltire Stables - Clyde with Bardoline shingle roof
Clyde Stable 39
Saltire Stables - Clyde with extended side canopy
Clyde Stable 40
Picture Number: 40

Clyde stable block with extended side canopy o gable end

Picture Number: 41

Clyde stable block corner detail showing standard clyde stable doors with antiweave grills fitted and multislat louvre windows to looseboxes

Saltire Stables - Clyde corner detail
Clyde Stable 41
Saltire Stables - Clyde view with wallmat lining
Clyde Stable 42
Picture Number: 42

Clyde loosebox interior view with wallmat lining to half height, steel partition grill and corner manger

Picture Number: 43

Bespoke Clyde stable building with extended canopy to give larger covered area to front and storage area to side 

Saltire Stables - Clyde with extended front canopy
Clyde Stable 43
Saltire Stables - Clyde with extended front
Clyde Stable 44
Picture Number: 44

Side view of extended front in Clyde stable building with 5 bar gate to close off 

Picture Number: 45

Bespoke Clyde stable building with extended side canopy to create covered storage area

Saltire Stables - Clyde with extended side for store
Clyde Stable 45
Saltire Stables - Clyde with covered front workarea
Clyde Stable 46
Picture Number: 46

Front view of Clyde stable building with covered front workarea, closed off with 5 bar gates

Picture Number: 47

Clyde stable block, stained by customer with roof vents in bardoline shingle roof

Saltire Stables - Clyde stained with roofvents
Clyde Stable 47
Saltire Stables - Clyde with polycarb and glass windows
Clyde Stable 48
Picture Number: 48

Customer stained Clyde stable block with polycarbonate panels in upper walls section, glass windows on gable end and velux style window in roof

Picture Number: 49

Conversion of steel barn with timber panels and doors added to give solid front

Saltire Stables - Conversion of steel barn
Bespoke Stable
Saltire Stables - View inside of converted barn
Bespoke Stable 2
Picture Number: 50

Internal view of converted barn showing Pentland internal stable fronts

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