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Saltire Stables American Barns   Canadian Barns / Mini Barns / Horse Barns

PricesHorse Barns – An introduction

A Horse Barn may be known as an American Barn, and sometimes called a Canadian Barn or Shed Row Barn. Here at Saltire Stables we refer to them as Canadian Barns. A Barn is a very advantageous stabling solution for your horses and ponies - and for you.
A Canadian Barn can accommodate larger numbers of horses and may first bring to mind a livery yard, a riding school or a horse racing stable. However a barn can be more modest in size. For horse owners who appreciate the advantages of stabling and working areas under one roof, but need accommodation for perhaps three or four horses or ponies, Saltire Stables can provide Mini Barns as an alternative to external looseboxes.

When considering a horse barn or stabling, and depending on the number of horses you need to accommodate, plus any additional requirements – for example an integral hay store, feed store or Tack Room – a Saltire Stables Canadian Barn or Mini Barn may possibly be the ideal stabling solution.

Canadian Barns – The Advantages


The advantages of having your stabling and working areas under one roof are clear.  No driving wind and rain inside your looseboxes, a totally safe and secure building when unattended and much quicker, simpler stable management all result. Add inclement winter weather conditions and you begin to see why a CANADIAN BARN is worthy of consideration.


Internal view of Canadian showing PENTLAND style stalls and clear span Portal Frame structure
Internal view of Canadian showing PENTLAND style stalls and clear span Portal Frame structure

Canadian Barns

Saltire Stables adopts a different approach from other manufacturers in that we utilise a basic shell structure that gives you complete flexibility of layout inside for your horse barn.  We construct a special roof structure based around a portal frame constructed from structural Kerto S rafters and purlins with a section of up to 126 x 300.(5" x 12")

These are laid at spans of 3.0m - 3.6m (10-12’) and the walls are conventional weatherboarding panels but with framing upgraded to 4 x 2 nom CLS (38x 89mm act)

The advantage of this system is that with no internal supports, the roof has a clear span, and internal stalls can be literally any size. This flexibility means the hardest part is to decide on the layout wanted.  The building shell is usually 2.4m (8’) tall at the eaves and around 3.9m (13’) at the ridge. Length typically ranges over 10.8 - 14.4m (36 - 48’) and width is 9 - 10.8m (30 - 36’). On each side are stalls or rooms either 3.0 or 3.6m deep (10 - 12’) facing a central corridor wide enough to work in. You can also leave areas clear for feed and hay storage or for jump pole stores.

It can be that you require the barn to be multi purpose. We have customers who keep cars in one end or use it for storage of machinery or farm equipment. In these cases we usually install a full width wall to divide the equines from the other uses and in cases where the end is used as a haystore then we also often do the external walls with a Yorkshire Board finish to encourage airflow.

We recognise the importance of good ventilation. Good access doors help, and we provide a full width sliding door to one end and a side hinged access door to the other end (or optionally a sliding door). We then include substantial louvred ventilators in each loosebox wall and the gables.  Also included are opening top half doors to each stall area which further assist good air circulation.


Internal view of Canadian Barn showing Pentland style stalls and bright, airy work space
Internal view of Canadian Barn showing Pentland style stalls and bright, airy work space

Inside the barn is bright and airy as we use light colour linings. A sarking deck with vapour membrane is standard and we therefore incorporate translucent polycarbonate strips just below the eaves, along with fixed perspex windows in each top half door again to encourage natural light.  The lack of kingposts or similar elements also assists in creating an open atmosphere .

Given a building of this roof expanse, the sarking with a Dalpro vapour membrane is included as standard.  This provides many benefits in terms of insulation which also minimises condensation but principally it gives a rigid sturdy roof spreading out wind and snow loading and substantially extends the Onduline roofing system life.  It also gives you the option to specify alternative roofing systems in particular Alloy Profile Clad roofing which comes in a wide range of colours and is in widespread use amongst modern agricultural buildings.

Externally, we adopt fully pressure treated weatherboarding for a maintenance free life in an environmentally sympathetic green colour, all benefiting from our 15 year guarantee.  The style continues inside but the theme changes from a horizontal to a vertical pattern.

Internal view of Canadian Barn showing Cuillin style stalls
Internal view of Canadian Barn showing Cuillin style stalls

Horse Stalls for your Canadian Barn

We normally incorporate our PENTLAND range of stalls.  These are economic, strong and rugged.  They are timber framed to a height of 1.2m (4’) and all internal walls incorporate our standard rugged OSB Sterling Board Kicklining with all exposed corners having heavy duty 25mm (1”) metal protectors.  The upper portions utilise a special fully galvanised steel bar grill with 12mm (1/2”) thick bars at 63mm (2.5”) centres. This gives flexibility of grill location so that a full range of stable hardware can be incorporated and a bright open aspect to the boxes.

You can also specify this building as an open plan shell to incorporate your own layout at a later date or upgrade the internals to use our CUILLIN range which is steel framed with recycled plastic or softwood infill boards and available with fixed, hinged or sliding partitions. The portal frame structure means that the internals have no structural function giving complete flexibility of layout. Design excellence at affordable prices!

Bottom stable doors are 1.2m (4’) wide standard and are complete with all standard galvanised ironmongery

Internally you can specify water and automatic drinkers together with a choice of kick-linings, doors, floor & walling systems.

We are sure that a Saltire Stables Barn is worthy of very close consideration - contact us for more details.

View Typical Canadian Barn Layout Plans


View the PENTLAND and CUILLIN ranges of stalls

MiniBarns - the best of both worlds?

We all know the advantage of having your stabling under one roof - especially given the wetter and windier winters we seem to be getting. For owners with smaller numbers of animals, the traditional solution of a Canadian Barn is out of the question - partly on cost and partly on size.

By some clever design work, we have evolved a structural design that is compact, creates attractive covered internal stalls and a small covered area with a tack room to the rear. We have effectively turned a traditional stable block in on itself to create a building with a much smaller footprint 10.4 x 7.2m (34 x 24’) but containing 4 looseboxes and a 17’ x 10’ working area as well as a 7’ x 10’ tack store. This usually has a mezzanine ceiling for security and additional storage. It has a 2.4m (8’) eaves and a 3.6m (12’) ridge height.

The smaller footprint results in lower groundwork costs and the specification and purchase cost is very similar to a run of 4 looseboxes and a tack room in our Forth model.

It is possible to amend the size and have a wider working area or larger stalls but we have found many customers very satisfied with the overall dimensions and feel of this structure. Paired stable doors to the front mean that there are plenty of ventilation options and the use of the PENTLAND Internals system with steel grills gives a great open aspect to the structure. The provision of top half doors is a popular option and these can be placed in whichever wall is appropriate.



All the usual options of sarking, different roofing systems and amendments to the kick-lining are available as per the standard loosebox designs.  If a hay store is required, this is usually achieved by designing a pent lean-to along the rear of the building, with paired access doors to one side and an internal access door through the tack area in lieu of the standard window.

One reason the structure is well priced is that the internal walls are used to support the roof. It is however possible to amend the structure to an open plan portal style truss like the larger Canadian Barns. This costs a 7.5% premium but does give complete flexibility - useful when the property may be sold later and the building could be converted by the new owners to garaging or a workshop.

 Simple Comparison between Minibarns and Canadian Barns   



 Canadian Barns


 24’ x 34’ nom standard
(7.2 x 10.4m)

 36’ nom (11m) max width
 length as required


 8’ (2.4m) eaves
12’ (3.6m) apex  

 8’ (2.4m) eaves
 13’ (3.9m) apex typical

 Walls inc tyvek

 vapour barrier

 3 x 2 nom (38 x 63 act) KD CLS
19x150mm nom Weatherboard cladding

 4 x 2 nom (89 x 63 act) KD CLS
 19x150mm nom weatherboard cladding


 Black Onduline, Sarking deck standard 
 Polycarbonate panel to upper rear walls.
 Optional upgrade to Colour Onduline
 Alloy profile or other roofing styles

Black Onduline, Sarking deck standard.
Polycarbonate panel to upper rear walls
Optional upgrade to colour Onduline,
Alloy profile or other roofing styles


 Load bearing internal partitions
 Clear span optional upgrade

 Portal Frame in structural Kerto S
 to give clear span internal space

Internal Layout

  4 @ 12’x12’ Stalls (structural)
  7 x 10’ store with mezzanine ceiling
  17 x 10’ working corridor
  Other layouts on request

 Internal stalls and storage as required
 typically 10/12’ central corridor

Additional Areas

34 x 6’6 nom Optional lean-to for haystore etc

Internal division to create garaging,
workshop or office space etc as required

Internal stabling

Timber “Saltire” PENTLAND standard
Bottom internal stable doors to corridor

Timber “Saltire” PENTLAND standard
Bottom internal stable doors to corridor.
Steel frame CUILLIN optional upgrade


11mm OSB to eaves standard to stalls
Stores unlined as standard
Other linings on request

18mm OSB to eaves standard to stalls
Stores and other areas unlined
Other linings on request


Fixed 750x750mm acrylic to tackroom
Optional Top half door / window to stalls

Integral window in top half door to stalls
Upgrade to DG windows on request

External Doors

Paired 4’ stable doors to front
Upgrade to sliding doors option

Typically 2 x 4’ FLB doors to one end,
sliding door to other end


Gable and rear wall louvre ventilators
Top half door / integral window option

Gable & rear wall louvre ventilators
Top half door / integral window to each stall


112mm half round with 68mm downpipe in black UPVC


Min 100mm (4”) concrete plinth with

Single course of brickwork

Min 100mm (4”) concrete plinth with
600mm3 pads for Portal feet

Single course of brickwork


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