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Internal Stabling
Saltire Stables Internal Stabling - Overview
Saltire Stables Internal Stabling - Design Options
Saltire Stables Internal Stabling - Specifications
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Internal Stabling  Additional Steel Manufactured Goods  Lunge Rings  Demonstration Rings





PricesInternal Stabling

Internal Stabling is ideal for use in existing buildings. A full range of Internal Stabling Panels is available from Saltire Stables.

Internal stables offer the chance to provide secure and attractive stabling within an existing building or can be included with one of our integral barn systems. In many cases older buildings may be redundant from previous uses and surplus to requirements, so internal stabling can offer a new lease of life.

Saltire Stables Internal Stabling in existing buildings:


Saltire Stables Internal Stabling in existing building - Cuillin Fronts with Strip Foundation

Saltire Stables Internal Stabling - Pentland stable in former garage

 Cuillin Fronts with Strip Foundation in existing shed and Pentland front in former garage

You are obviously confined by the existing structure but assuming that it is sufficiently tall and generally large enough to be divided our flexible bespoke manufacturing methods enable us to optimise the room available and create stalls with modern standards of performance and space without affecting the external facades.  Of course you can purpose build a larger structure with the internals as an integral part of the building.  If you are interested in taking this approach, make sure you look at our Canadian Barn Systems.

Our range covers a full spectrum of options in terms of price and application.  All offer good value for money but our most popular PENTLAND range gives an excellent hard wearing and cost effective solution to your needs. . We can also offer a superb range of steel framed internal stabling - the CUILLIN model. Attractive, rugged, and designed for many years of hard work including infills made of recycled plastic for durability.

Fronts and partitions / ends are shown on the price lists in 3.0, 3.6, and 4.2m sections (10’, 12’ and 14’) purely for costing purposes.  We actually manufacture every internal to order and as such we can accommodate just about any need - if the fronts need to fit into a space of say 11’2-3/4” - then that is the size we will make it!  We can also allow for falls in existing floors and offer complete flexibility in terms of grill location, door handing and location of swivel feeders.

When assessing your structure, the main point to consider (apart from is it big and tall enough) is whether we will have good areas to get fixings to.  We can usually get some kind of a fixing into a wall somewhere as long as it isn’t solid granite!  However we do encounter problems where floors are not concrete.  In older barns they often used either stones or square setts or cobbles as a base.  In many respects these are ideal for a stable floor as they are hard wearing and allow drainage and therefore we would rarely recommend totally digging them up but we would suggest laying concrete about 125mm (5”) wide along the line of the fronts / partitions to enable us to get fixings down.

Internal Stabling - Cuillin post bolting system

The biggest problem converting older structures is usually the restricted access widths and heights of corridors. Careful consideration needs to be given to this as the costs of raising lintels or widening doors can prove to be prohibitive. We should point out that steel framed panels are very hard to trim and amend, and as such, they are probably best used in new or fully refurbished buildings with level sound floors and walls.




Additional Steel Manufactured Goods

Through the incorporation of a steel fabrication section in 2011, we are now increasing the range of steel goods produced in house. 

This includes the incorporation of bespoke access panels in our CUILLIN fronts plus hayrakes and high/low feeders etc. to compliment your new Internal Stabling.


Lunging Rings /Demonstration Rings

The Saltire Stables range of galvanised lunge pens and lunging rings was developed as simple steel front and side panels. These galvanised panels can be easily put together to create a lunge ring to suit any size, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

The weld mesh panels can also be used to make a temporary demonstration arena or catching pen. A weldmesh pen or a temporary arena may be erected onto a levelled area of ground or in a sand school etc. as required. In smaller numbers the weldmesh panels act as simple steel pens - as a dog run for example.


The panels are all 2.1m / 7'0 tall but with an entrance doorway of 2.4m / 8'0 tall.  They are all 8' wide.

As a guide, the following number of panels can be used to create the approximate ring sizes shown:

 1 entrance panel + 11 panels
(12 in total)

9.16m / 30'0   diameter

28.8m / 95'0 circumference

1 entrance panel + 15 panels
(16 in total)

12.0m / 40'0 diameter

38.4m / 126'0 circumference

1 entrance panel + 19 panels
(20 in total)

15.3m / 50'0 diameter

48.0m / 158'0 circumference

1 entrance panel + 23 panels
(24 in total)

18.2m / 60'0 diameter

57.6m / 188'0 circumference

1 entrance panel + 27 panels
(28 total)

21.4m / 70'0 diameter

67.2m / 220'0 circumference


  Lunge Ring/Demonstration Ring Details - View/Download pdf

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