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Animal Housing
Saltire Stables Animal Housing - Overview
Saltire Stables Animal Housing - Design Options
Saltire Stables Animal Housing - Specifications
Saltire Stables Animal Housing - Picture Gallery

Animal Housing    Kennels, Catteries, Ostrich Rooms, Hen Houses, Bespoke Animal Housing Solutions



Kennel Systems come in a wide variety of layouts and specifications. We have manufactured these as additions to existing buildings like stable layouts or garages, as stand  alone units or as multiple units for estate dogs with separate or communal run areas.

Our "standard" building layout is uitable for single occupancy by larger dogs over 25kg + up  As well as changing the basic layouts, depending on your existing facilities, you will possibly want a reception area, a feed and equipment storeroom, grooming areas and isolation boxes.


Kennel extension on garage

Kennel view from outside

We have designed and manufactured an excellent range of kennels with integral runs.  Many clients have individual ideas which can be included but a  “standard” format is to provide a kennel building 1.65m deep x 1.2m wide (5’6 x 4’) with a apex roof in Onduline which covers the front run and a 2.1m (7’) height.  Access is provided through a front 2 part door with a split to allow the bottom 600mm (2’) to be left open for the dogs.  Internally we provide a full width sleeping shelf at 450mm (18”) above the ground and the kennel is lined with OSB Sterling Board to 1.2m (4’).

The runs are 1.95m (6’6) long but can be extended and can be either in parallel giving each dog a separate compound, or left without partitions to give a bigger run area.  The runs can be supplied with timber stud framework covered with weatherboarding as an extension of the kennel element.  The weatherboard covers the framework up to 1.2m (4’) and the upper 0.9m (3’) has a heavy duty 50 x 50mm (2 x 2”) galvanised weldmesh grid for viewing and security. Recognising how destructive dogs can be, all exposed door edges have metal anti-chew strips applied.  You also have the option of lining the run area with Sterling Board and lining the kennels with galvanised steel sheet to prevent chewing and for ease of cleaning.
A more popular option is to have a steel framed run with steel bars running full height and an integral door in the front panel.


There are a number of differing and conflicting layouts and specifications for the design and manufacture of catteries. These range from as simple as whether the corridor faces inwards or outwards to the question of partition walls and sneeze barriers.  Saltire have reviewed these specifications and amalgamated them to produce at cattery system that reflects our weather conditions.

Ask for our separate datasheet & price indication.

Please do remember that we pride ourselves on our bespoke designs and therefore we can adapt our designs to produce the layout that suits your exact requirements.

Kennels, Catteries, Ostrich Rooms, Hen Houses with Laying Boxes… Saltire Stables Animal Housing solutions include all of these and more! Please contact us to discuss your animal housing needs.


Hen House with Laying Boxes and Perching Floor

Single Kennel with run, bedroom and rear store

Hen House wih Laying Box and Perching Floor and Dog Kennel with Run and Store

At Saltire Stables our unique design & build philosophy means that we are able to utilise a small number of components to create bespoke buildings against individual commissions to meet just about any requirement. One advantage of this particular approach is that the costs of manufacture are not prohibitive, enabling any given building to be designed to perform as you need. 

All the buildings feature the same component elements that have made Saltire Stables so popular.



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