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Bespoke Buildings   view our unique purpose-designed timber buildings


PricesGarages, Workshops, Sheds, Studios, Offices
Machinery Stores, Wood Stores and other timber buildings

Whilst being principally manufacturers of quality Equestrian Buildings, we are of course delighted to quote for customers individual requirements for any specialised or larger timber structures. Our unique design & build philosophy means that we are able to utilise a small number of components to create bespoke buildings against individual commissions to meet just about any requirement.  One advantage of this particular approach is that the costs of manufacture are not prohibitive.  

Our experience has indicated a demand in a wide range of sizes.  Structures tend to fall into three basic categories and examples of possible applications are shown below.  Naturally as the roof span increases, the basic price has to rise as the engineering required gets more complex.  The most expensive option is therefore for spans of up to 11m (36') where we use heavy Kerto S structural timbers to create portal frames with sections of up to 126 x 300mm where the span exceeds 7.2m (24’).


Roof spans front to back of up to 3.6m (12’)

Specialist workshops

Pottery rooms

Model makers study


Roof spans front to back of 3.6 to 6.0m (12 - 20’)


Golf course driving range

 Ostrich rearing units

Machinery stores

Golf course 9th tee halts

 Artist studios


Car workshops



Roof spans front to back of 6.0 to 10.8m (20 - 36’)

Canadian barns

Swimming pool covers

Hay and equipment stores

Larger workshops



As you can see, the range of possibilities is absolutely immense.  When you add the ability to alter anything from the thickness of the external cladding to the installation of double glazed window units and full wall insulation / vapour membranes a price list becomes very hard to establish. You can look at our price “guide”  which shows the medium range of buildings but we tend to respond best to customers own ideas which would be quoted on request with a full range of options.



Ask for our separate datasheet & pricelist.


With a strong reputation in the design and manufacture of larger timber buildings, we are delighted to bring our skills to the construction of sheds and other garden structures. These are offered as bespoke operations and as such, many customers have been delighted with their purchase of a high quality personal building.

Our sheds are manufactured using the same top quality raw materials as used in our equestrian buildings and the result is a building that is probably the best you can buy. Not the cheapest but certainly the toughest! The sheds carry the same guarantees and work standards as our regular models.

All these structures are made to order and to specific sizes if required so we can incorporate door positions, windows, roof heights, shapes and internal layouts to suit individual requirements. Probably the best thing to do is to send us a simple sketch of what you require.  All sheds have a 2.1m (7’) eaves height and an 18mm (3/4”) thick floor deck as standard and with 3 x 2 CLS frame they are built to last. Add Onduline roofing in Black that can have translucent sheets built in and you have an excellent product.

Other Buildings

Our unique design & build philosophy means that we are able to utilise a small number of components to create bespoke buildings against individual commissions to meet just about any requirement. One advantage of this particular approach is that the costs of manufacture are not prohibitive enabling any given building to be designed to perform as you need. All the buildings feature the same component elements that have made Saltire Stables so popular.

  • CCA Pressure treated weatherboarding.
  • Stress Graded, Kiln Dried, dressed structural CLS framing.
  • High performance ONDULINE, BARDOLINE shingle ONDUSTEEL tile or PROFILE CLAD roofing systems.
  • Heavy duty construction and fittings.
  • Fully insulated and ventilated floor decks, walls and roofing.
  • Quality pre-manufactured components including double glazed windows, patio doors and roof windows.
  • Rugged framed access doors with fully galvanised ironmongery.


As manufacturers of Timber Garages in the UK, Saltire Stables can provide garages in a very wide range of sizes, from around 3.0 x 3.6m (10' x 12') right up to 5.4 x 9.0m (18' x 30') We can make buildings higher, lower, wider or longer that these sizes and of course you can add these to other equestrian or bespoke buildings as required to create a combination unit.

Double Garage with Horse Shelter Combination

Double garage with shelter combined

For more information about Saltire Stables Timber Garages please visit

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