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Stable Doors and Windows                                                 

PricesStable Doors

We can supply a full range of stable doors and other hardware for stables.  Doors can be supplied either right or left handed (please state when ordering) and can also be supplied as a package complete with a frame or separately, say as a bottom door only, for use in internal stable applications.  A fitting service is also offered within 100 miles and as well as the “standard” sizes shown below, we can also offer bespoke manufacturing to exact sizes for any door style - stable, tack or store/garage. A detailed data sheet which includes our windows is available on request.

Saltire Stables use quality materials throughout and endeavour to make our doors as complete as possible.  Hinges are fitted to the leafs (when we know the handing) but slamstrips, kicklatches, padbolts and cabin hooks are supplied loose with screws for final site fitting.  Flexibility is enhanced with a 100mm (4”) trim allowance to the door to allow for uneven ground.

The doors use a very strong sandwich construction with a 4/6 x 2 nom kiln dried CLS framework (38 x 89/140mm act) which is dressed to provide a stable core and minimal season distortion.  The internal faces, both top & bottom are 11mm OSB Sterling Board as standard with the option of plywood, MDF or TGV. We always make the face in 16 x 125 nom (12 x 121mm act) vertical mounted PTGV softwood which is fully pressure treated. Supplied in a light green colour, you can stain doors to a wide range of colours.

All fittings are fully galvanised and the bottom door has a 30 degree weatherstrip angle matched by the top door.  In order to keep a very competitive basic price, we have made available a number of options which would not be needed by all customers:

Frame chewstrip protection, autolok bolts, cranked or straight crook & band hinges, 600mm (2”) steel door face sheet & frame protection strips together with rubber anti-kick mat & antiweaver grids are available from our Equine Essentials range.



Stable Doors

63mm thick, fully lined


1.22 x 2.32m top & bottom complete (Bottom 1.22m / Top 1.1m)


1.375 x 2.40m  95mm deep x 70mm dressed & treated


Pony Doors

63mm thick, fully lined


1.067 x 2.32m top & bottom complete (Bottom 1.10m / Top 1.22m)


1.220 x 2.40m  95mm deep x 70mm dressed & treated

Tackroom Doors

50mm thick frame, ledge & braced


760mm x 1.96m 1 piece


910mm x 2.040m   95mm deep x 70mm dressed & treated



Windows are available either off the shelf in standard sizes or manufactured to customer order.  All windows use a CCA pressure treated frame and are glazed in Acrylic or Perspex for safety reasons.

Standard Windows are 745 x 745mm (2’6 square) and can either be fixed in place or come hinged to open. Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open completely to lie flat against the wall. This lets lots of summer air circulate but are usually only used underneath a protective canopy. As an alterrnative or in exposed location they can be top hinged and open on a casement stay but only to the length of the stay.They are designed with equines in mind and as such come complete with weldmesh galvanised antinosing grills which usually stay fixed in place but can be removable if specified.

A more expensive but elegant option is the multislat window where perspex louvres of varying widths (but always150mm depth) can be specified . These come in 2 slat or 6 slat sizes and offer great flexibility of air management.


745 x 745 x 38mm


745 x 745 x 38mm

Opening hooper style or with casement stays

830 x 830 frame available to mount any of the above - brickwork opening 835 x 835


730 x 941 tall

6 slat multilouvre  - size includes 38mm thick frame all round

730 x 381 tall

2 slat multilouvre  - size includes 38mm thick frame all round




It is possible to combine a fixed window with a say a double louvre.  


Bespoke Sizes on request



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