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Equine Essentials

PricesHardware and Accessories for Stable and Tackroom

Equine Essentials are a quality range of special equestrian accessories, aimed at providing imaginative cost effective solutions for our customers. The criteria are quality of construction, value for money and more importantly effectiveness.  Necessarily limited by space we can also source almost any products you may have seen advertised, and at very competitive prices.

We also offer other products such as, JFC Drinkers, Steel Grills and other components for self build projects.




A Complete range of accessories essential for every type of stable

 The items below are the most popular

Tie Rings

Screw on style galvanised: quick release spring clip 80mm long

Saddle Rack

Large permanent wall fixing : folding, full support black

Bridle Rack

115mm dia, round, black

Hat Holder

Dome-style with whip hook, black


Screw-on with 2 handy hooks
3 arm swing-out style
5arm swing-out style


5 hooks, black


Corner Grid style 864x610, Corner HD bars 838x559, Wall mount bar 500x500x600


Floor mounted black polyethylene. Horse or Pony size options

Hi/Low Feeder 2.2m x 580mm with bevelled feedplate

Salt Lick

black, wire framed

Bucket Hoop

Heavy-duty, wall mount, galvanised, 343 mm dia.


Hook-on poly-manger,  Corner style, fixed frame,635 x 518

Anti Weaver Pony Top Door - with central port 762 x 1040

Anti Weaver Stable Top Door - with central port as above 762 x 1169:  infill for Y port to make full grid

Full door Grid

Galvanised tube 762 x 1050w  or 762 x 1169w

Stud Card

With wallet /6 x 4 card

Steel Grids

12 mm bars/100 mm centres:  Medium 1067 x 762mm; Large 1829 x 762mm

Steel Grills
1067 x 760 12mm solid bars at 63mm centres, galv;

1828 x 760 12mm solid bars at 63mm centres
Bespoke Length
0.6 - 3.6m long x 760 tall 12mm solid bars at 63mm centres

0.6 - 3.6m long x 1020 tall 60 x 40 channel/box with 25mm tube 63 mm centres

Water Bowls

Green high density polyethylene 3.5 gallon bsp connect1/2" ball valve / drain plug

Rain Butt

Green, 40 gallon with tap, stand & lid, complete with diverter


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