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Equimat Rubber Flooring & Wallmats





Equimats form a firm, soft stable floor making mucking out simple and effective.  They compliment internal and external stables and are tough, with a life expectancy in excess of 10 years.

Equimat flooring is now available in two specifications.  Standard Equimat Ultra is 20mm thick, comes in a green finish and is lightweight meaning mats are easily handled by a single person, particularly useful if you wish to clean out underneath.  The thicker Equimat Supersoft is a generous 28mm thick and is also green in colour.  The mats are a mix of natural & synthetic rubber, have limited expansion over time and offer even greater comfort.

Both mats have a natural “give” and cushion the horse against hard floors as well as providing additional insulation.  This cushion dramatically reduces the amount of bedding used and also cuts the length of time needed for the daily mucking out.  The “give” of the mats under the horse provides excellent grip, further enhanced by the nodes moulded onto the mat surface.  Crucially, the mats are tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of normal shoeing and road studs but screw in studs will cause long term damage.  Mats are interchangeable due to their unique interlocking system and can be individually replaced.



View of rubber flooring

Do they replace bedding entirely?
Equimat should be thought of as replacing say 90% of the current bedding usage.  We have found that a very light covering of your current bedding is useful as it gives a natural surface and also tends to absorb the splash of urine which the horses dislike on their fetlocks. Of course some horses have an allergy to dust or straw and therefore you would simply use no bedding at all.

As you need so much less bedding, there is also a substantial saving in labour terms (enhanced in larger yards) and this is often the principal reason for purchasing.  Equimat also offer the benefit of fewer airborne particles reducing the risk of COPD.  And of course with less bedding the muck heap is smaller, giving tidy yards, easy disposal and happier neighbours!

What about the Urine?
When laid in a Saltire Stable block, the natural drainage slope is sufficient for the urine to drain away.  The very small amount of bedding normally used is sufficient to absorb the wash.  With hygiene in mind the sectional make-up of the flooring means that they can be lifted out as required to ensure that the floor remains clear underneath.  Simply hose out and we recommend a mild solution of disinfectant is applied from a rosehead watering can to keep everything “sweet”.

Cost Effectiveness / Ease of Use?
All Equimat products are very easy to fit, needing just a jigsaw.  Equimat, is available in two “off the shelf” sizes to cover an area 11’8 x 9’8  or 11’8 x 11’8.  Both mats can also be supplied to cover other floor areas on request.  The mats themselves should cover their initial purchase cost within a year or so, just from the point of view of bedding cost.  If you use dust free bedding, 6 months is the usual payback.  If you add in the cost of labour in working yards, the benefits are huge!


Forth showing foaling rubber flooring


Wallmats are 10mm thick with a ribbed outer surface and are 6’ x 4'0".  Typically used in foaling boxes, they protect against damage to buildings or animals by absorbing the impact energy of any kicks or knocks.  Fixable to timber or brick/block walls, they also find use in trailers as well as the rear of stable doors - removing the feedtime, feed me, feed me thump!


10 x 12’ nom

Equimat Ultra  

Equimat Supersoft  

10 x 12’ nom

Equimat Ultra  

Equimat Supersoft  

6’ x 4' nom


Other sizes priced on request



Clyde inside with wallmat option


Clyde view with wallmat lining


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