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Saltire Stables UK Price List



Click here to download our latest pricelist in pdf format. 






Workshop and Display Site: Unit 1B & C, Prestonhall Industrial Estate, Cupar, Fife, KY15 4RD

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8.30am - 5pm
                          Friday and outwith these times -  by appointment
Telephone: 01334 654974


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Saltire Stables began in 1992 with the simple ethos of designing, manufacturing and erecting a quality, value for money range of buildings for the equestrian community. In the years since our foundation, we have kept to that principle and we still supply the finest quality timber structures at sensible prices, now supplemented with in-house manufacture of steel framed panels and components. We believe that when you look at our detailed superior specifications and long term guarantees, we offer the very best value package in the market today. We are so confident in our package that if you get a cheaper quotation for the same building or layout with a comparable guarantee then send us that written quotation and we will match their specification and package with a better offer. It's as simple as that.



  • All offers are made strictly in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of sale (shown on website/brochure)
  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • All prices are ex works Cupar. Transport is costed as a % of order value depending on location.
  • All building prices exclude erection. You can self build or specify our erection service, charged at 20% (min £150)
  • Site Visits, Quotations and illustrative plans are free of charge.
  • Planning Permission Drawings (£175) are refundable in full against final building invoice.
  • Structural Drawings by CAD are bespoke, charged at cost and are non refundable.
  • A deposit of 25% is required with all orders and fixes the price for 12 months. This is refundable should planning permission not be granted.
  • Payments can be made by cheque, BACS transfer or Debit Cards without any charge
  • Payment by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) is subject to a 1.5% premium for payments in excess of £2000


Orders including erection are charged as a % final order value, subject to minimum charge shown.
Orders for supply only are charged at minimum charge shown
Distance is calculated from our Cupar site and exclude any ferry costs.
0 - 25 miles no charge, free delivery 25 - 50 miles 2.5% min £100
50 - 100 miles 5% min £150 100 - 150 miles 7.5% min £200
150 - 200 miles 10% min £250 200 - 300 miles 12.5% min £300

Offshore Locations and Islands costed to nearest ferryport.


Charged at 20% of final order value - subject to a minimum charge £150


All fully detailed in our terms and conditions of sale but simply put....

  • 1 year guarantee to repair or replace any components which fail (subject to fair wear and tear)
  • 10 year guarantee against failure due to bad workmanship
  • 15 year guarantee on all pressure treated components against rot and decay
  • Onduline and other roofing systems are covered by manufacturers own guarantees.



When we send you a quote, we include a simple layout plan. The layout plan and quotation can be amended as required until correct. When a layout and the specification are finalised and you are ready to order we will send an order confirmation and detailed basework drawings free of charge.

If planning permission is needed, we can provide a full set of elevation drawings and specifications. These drawings cost £175 and will be refunded against your final building invoice if you go ahead with the order. You can also place an order to secure a fixed price even if permissions are required. If planning is not granted then the deposit can be refunded.

On a very few times per year we are asked for full technical drawings for building warrant purposes. You may also require a structural engineer's certificate which includes bespoke engineering calculations to reflect your location, elevation and site investigation works to confirm ground strength, suitability and porosity tests. Because these are unique to your building and must be presented in electronic CAD form, the agreed charge  is non refundable.


Equestrian Buildings come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and specifications. They all start as a basic building - say 12' x 12' with a 4'0 overhang, which would be a field shelter, which would have wider openings with slip rails, upper rear ventilaton panels for wind prootection and no need for windows. To make shelter buildings mobile you would add a steel skid which can be used on buildings up to24'/7.2m long.

To turn it into a basic stable you would add stable doors, fixed windows and kicklining. You can then upgrade the specification in a number of ways or change the height, roof pitch or canopy size to produce your ideal product.

Therefore we have shown the basic building specification - ie. a shelter - and then the upgrade options which apply across the range. You can choose any specification combimation you need or you can use our popular standard model specifications in TAY, FORTH and CLYDE models. If you add the cost of the individual options, you save 15% going for these stabdard packages.

Basic Standard Specification
Frame (nominal sizes shown) 3 x 2 CLS pressure treated kiln dried C16 grade
Frame Vapour Barrier Premtex Anthracite W2 rated
External Weatherboard Cladding (nominal sizes shown) 16 x 125mm pressure treated kiln dried
Roofing Black Onduline (with up to 15yr manufacturer's guarantee
Purlins 6 x 2 nom CLS pressure treated kiln dried C16 grade
Gutter Front Face 112mm half-round with 68mm downpipe
Ventilation Full width upper rear Yorkshire Board
Eaves Height 7'0 / 2.16m

Truss Height / Canopy Depth
12'/ 3.6m deep -
3'0 / 900mm (= 19 deg pitch) / 4'0 / 1.2m canopy
10'0/3.0m deep -
2'6 / 750mm  (= 19 deg pitch) / 2'6 / 750mm canopy

Single 12' x 12' (3.6 x 3.6 m) with 4'0 (1.2m) canopy
PRINCIPAL OPTIONS - all per 3.6m / 12' unit or item. Other sizes costed pro rata basis
Shape/Size     ooo Structural    
Reduce Depth by 2'0 / 600mm to 10'0/3m £75   Upgrade Purlins
to 9 x 2
regularised £60
Extra eaves height
150mm (6") step
£50   Upgrade Cladding
to 19 x 150
shiplap £75
  300mm (12") step £100   Upgrade framing to 4 x 2 CLS £80
increase roof apex to 1050mm (3'6)
22 deg pitch
  1200mm (4'0)
25 deg pitch
Shape       Roofing Material    
2'0 /600mm extension to canopy 1.8m overall £120   Roof Sarking £6m2 11mm OSB c/w vapour barier £100
4'.0/1200mm extension with support posts 2.4 m overall £270   Green or Red Onduline roof £6m2 £100
Delete overhang - create Pentroof less 5% £65   Eternit Fibre Cement Roof Sheets £14m2 £240
Delete overhang - create Apex roof less 7.5% £100   Steel Profile Roof Sheets £16m2 £275
Clear Roofing Sheets            
Onduline Profile 2m long £35   Steel or Eternit Profile (fibreglass) 2.5m long £60
Kick Lining       External Components    
11mm OSB    to 1.2m
to eaves
£4 per lin ft
£8 per lin ft
  Rear Gutter
Rainbutt & Diverter
with support stand
18mm OSB    to1.2m 
to eaves
£5 per lin ft
£10per lin ft
  Double Rear Wall Louvre Vent 330 x 580mm £20 /pr
        Lined Overhang in weatherboard 4'0/1.2m
        5 Bar gates
1.5 - 3.0m/5-10' wide
£50 ea
Light/Windows         3.0-3.6m/10-12' wide £65 ea
Fixed Window 750 x 750 mm £50 ea   Tackroom door 760mm wide £60 ea
Opening Hopper Window
top or bottom hinged
£90 ea     900mm wide £75 ea
6 pane multislat loosebox window
£165 ea   Store Door 1220mm wide £90 ea
Polycarbonate TwinwallUpper Rear Wall 'lights' £75 ea   Stable doorset
1220 wide
1220 tall split door
£10 ea




Packages save at least 15% compared to individual upgrades


All sizes are nominal for guidance.
Please refer to detailed specification/quotations for exact sizes

  • All timber components 100% pressure treated, kiln dried and stress graded
  • Other roofing and cladding finishes are available on request with costs as shown on our garages and workshops page
  • We can offer other items like archways, clock towers and alternate sizes without any problem - priced on request
  • Stables up to 24'0 wide can be made mobile by specifying a steel skid from our field shelter page.






Basic Standard Specification




Eaves Height 7’0 / 2.16m 7’6 / 2.25m 8’0 / 2.44m
Truss Height 3'0 / 900mm 3’6 / 1.067mm 4'0 / 1.2m
Pitch 19 deg 22 deg 25 deg

Frame  (nominal sizes shown)

3 x 2 CLS

3 x 2 CLS

4 x 2 CLS

External Weatherboard Cladding (nominal sizes shown)

16 x 125mm

19 x 150mm

19 x 150mm

Roofing Onduline (Black) Onduline (Black) Steel Profile
Purlins 6 x 2 nom CLS 6 x 2 nom CLS 9 x 2 regularised
Sarking  11mm OSB & Dalpro Vapour Barrier Option Yes Yes


11mm to 1.2m

11mm to eaves

18mm to eaves



Front & Rear

Front & Rear

Window fixed opening 6 x multislat
Doorjamb Chewstrip option Included Included
Top Door Lining option Included OSB Standard w-board
Rear Wall Louvre Vents option Included Included
Autolok Stable doorbolt option Included Included
Steel Partition Grill (1.067m) option option Included
Polycarbonate Upper Rear Wall “lights” option option Included
Crook & Band stable door hinges option option Included
600mm steel sheet to stable door face option option Included

Looseboxes; single

12 x 12’/3.6 x 3.6m




extra boxes

12 x 12’/3.6 x 3.6m




2'0 / 600mm  canopy extension to 6'0 unlined




4'0 / 1200mm canopy extension to 8'0, unlined with support posts £270 £330 £430
Ponyboxes 10’0/3.0m wide   less - £200 - £250 - £300


14’0/4.2m wide   plus





Additional Units

These prices are for extra units when added to one or more looseboxes.

Foaling Boxes

(double door)

12 x 16’/3.6 x 4.8m £2055 £2735 £3510

Corner Boxes

12 x 18’/3.6 x 5.4m




Tack Room

(offset door / unlined)

12 x 6’/3.6 x 1.8m




Feed Room

(centre door / unlined)

12 x 8’/3.6 x 2.4m





(with 5 bar gate / unlined)

12 x 12'/3.6 x 3.6m





12 x 18'/3.6 x 5.4m





12 x 24'/3.6 x 7.2m





12 x 30'/3.6 x 9.0m





Autolok Stable doorbolt   £15 Upgrade from OSB to Plywood +50%
Top Door Lining   £20 600mm steel sheet to stable door face £25
Doorjamb Chewstrip 3 sides £30 Crook & Band stable door hinges 20" £35

Tie Rings Screw on £2.00 Bucket Hoop Heavy duty 343mm dia £17.50
  Quick release spring clip £3.00 Swivel Feeder Heavy duty face fixing £110.00
Manger Hook on door, white £9.25 Salt Lick Holder Black wire framed £4.00
  Corner style, fixed frame £22.50 Stud Card Holder Black with wallet 6 x 4 card £3.50
Corner grid style
864 x 610
£25.00 Haybar

Black polyethelene
Horse or Pony size

Corner bar style
838 x 559
£35.00 Munch Station 1.2M tall with integral corner manger £120.00
wall mount bar
500 x 500 x 600
Hi/Low Feeder 2.2m x 580mm with bevelled feedplate £120.00
Y shape for pony door
762 x 1040w
£60.00 Full barred grid 762 x 1050w pony door  £55.00
  Y shape standard door 762 x 1169w £65.00 Full barred grid 762 x 1169w standard door £60.00
  Y shape infill (fits any door) £40.00 Additional sockets in pairs to move grill from door to door £7.50




Bridle Rack 115mm dia, black £2.75 Rugrail galvanised fixed single with 2 hooks £15.00
Saddle Rack wall mounted, fixed, black £7.50   galvanised 3 x swingarms £60.00
  folding style, black £14.00   galvanised 5 x 360mm swingarms £85.00

Handy hooks

102mm long, black



domestyle, black





All sizes are nominal for guidance – please refer to detailed specifications/quotations for exact sizes.
Shelters are excluded from storm damage guarantee unless bolted to concrete base.



All field shelters have 1.5m (5’0) to 1.8m (6'0) front openings with sliprails depending on size.

These openings can be placed free of charge in any location and can be of any size in accordance with customer preference.

All shelters have canopy to front as standard and Onduline Roofing (with clear sheets) and full width Yorkshire boarded ventilation slot on rear face.


Standard Field Shelters Specification


3 x 2 nom CLS


16 x 125mm nom pressure treated weatherboard

Purlins 6 x 2 nom CLS in galv joist hangers

Vapour Barrier

Premtex W2 Anthracite




Onduline (Black)


To front as standard

Eaves Height

7’0 / 2.16m

Truss Height

2’6 / 760mm 19 deg pitch; 3'0 / 900mm 19 deg pitch


760mm/2'6" on 3m/10' deep shelters


1.2m/3'10 on 3.6m/12' deep shelters


1.5 - 1.65m (5'0-5'6) as standard

Closing Method Sliprail
Steel Skid Steel Skids can also  be used for stables, tackrooms, feedstores subject to 24' max size.
50 x 90 x 3.5mm steel runners with 6mm corner / angle plate with integral towing eye


Vertical fixing tabs at  average 600mm centres all heavy duty galvanised


Half height lining should be specified if building to be regularly towed to improve racking strength



3.0m / 10’0

3.6m / 12’0


add Steel Skid Chassis

3.6m / 12’0




add £200

4.2m / 14’0




+ £225

4.8m / 16’0




+ £250

5.4m / 18’0



+ £275

6.0m / 20’0

+ £300

6.6m / 22’0

+ £325

7.2m / 24’0

+ £350

9.0m / 30’0


too heavy to move

10.8m / 36’0



too heavy to move




Fixing down items below marked * are costed separately as many agricultural customers already have suitable equivalents

* Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Support Bearers

£18.00 ea

3.6m x 63 x 175mm

(only required for fixed structures)

* Galvanised post bracket complete with post

£12.50 ea

75 x 75 x 825mm


Internal full height Partition Wall £100   Solid Sheeting to 1 side of  5 bar gate £15
4'0 tall internal hinged partition with steel chewstrip £90   Internal Sliprails with springbolts £15.00 ea
      Floor to create tackroom £15/m2
  £2775.00 Guttering £75/face  
This building had been designed to sit in the corner of 4 fields and offer covered protection on 4 x 90 degree faces in a single structure. Comes complete with pressure treated support bearers, 100 x 100 central spine and corner posts
Size 22'6 (6.9m) square Each face
16'wide diagonal x 8' deep
(4.8 x 2.4m)
  Pyramid roof sloping
7'0 - 11'
2.12 - 3.30m 256ft2 floor area
Frame 3 x 2 nompressure treated CLS at 610mm centres
Cladding 16 x 125mm nominal Swedish pressure treated weatherboarding
Vents Full width 300mm tallYorkshire board on upper side of each of the  4 walls
Lining Reverse sideof each face lined to 1.2 m with 11m OSB
Roofing 6 x 2" nom purlins with Black Onduline roof  
                          £1395.00             8'0/2.4m panel to create 2 openings  £120
This building has been designed to keep waste to the absolute minimum and be the most economical possible without compromising strength
Size 16 x 12' nom ( 4.88 x 3.66m) front opening 15'6" (4.73m)
with Pent roof sloping 7'0 - 10'6 2.12 - 3.20m
Frame 3 x 2 nom pressure treated CLS at 610mm centres
Cladding 16 x 125 nominal Swedish pressure treated weatherboarding
Vents Rear wall 19 x 75mm Yorkshire Board with 38mm spacings from 1.2m upwards
Roofing 9 x 2" nom heavy duty purlins with Black Onduline roof




All units have sarking in 11mm OSB with Dalpro vapour membrane and Onduline roofing as standard with clear roof  or polycarbonate lights.

All units include Premtex Anthracite W2 rated vapour barriers in external walls.

All stalls include kicklining to eaves height.

All sizes are nominal for guidance – please refer to detailed specifications/quotations for exact sizes.

Designed to individual requirements in a range of sizes, following customer request.  We show below a couple of worked examples for guidance.



Basic Standard Specification




3 x 2 nom CLS

4 x 2 nom CLS

External Weatherboard Cladding

19 x 150mm nom

19 x 150mm nom

Stalls Kicklining

11mm OSB to eaves 18mm OSB to eaves


Onduline (Black) + polycarb strip

Onduline (Black) + polycarb strip

Purlins  610mm centres 6 x 2 nom CLS 9 x 2 regularised


11mm OSB + vapour barrier

11mm OSB + vapour barrier

Eaves Height

8’0 / 2.44m

8’0 / 2.44m

Truss Height

4’0 / 1.2m

5’0 / 1.5m

Roof Support

On top of internal walls

Open plan portal frame Kerto

Front Access Doors

Paired hinged stable 

Sliding steel tracked

Top Half doors with fixed windows










Typical Layout; 24’ x 34’ external (7.2 x 10.4m) containing:

  • 4 no Pentland 12' x 12' (3.6 x 3.6m) stalls, steel partition grills and 11mm OSB full lining and hinged bottom doors.
  • 1 no 10’ x 7’ (3.0 x 2.1m) tackroom with mezzanine storage ceiling, unlined, 2’6 (760mm) access door.
  • 17’ x 10’ (5.1 x 3.0m) working area.
  • 1 x polycarb light to each stall + fixed window to store
  • 2 x paired full stable doors for access.
  • Internal wall supported roof structure.



Price Guide

24’ x 34’





add 5% for open plan structure

Options 9 x 2 purlins upgrade £300
  4 x 2 CLS framework upgrade £400


34' x 6’6 full width store to rear with open sides or rear  

£9.25 ft2



Add top ½ door and fixed window

£150 each

Change 11mm stall lining to 18mm OSB in minibarn
(full height)




Cost of barn shell          £12.75/ft2
Barn complete with internal stabling – priced on request (dependent upon internal layout)

Costed Example Layout:


  • 34’ x 48’ external (10.8m x 14.4m) with Kerto S laminated structural beam Portal Frame open plan roof structure
  • 6 no 12' x 12' (3.6 x 3.6m) stalls, steel partition grills between boxes. Solid partitions at stores and washbay face.1 no 12' x 12' (3.6 x 3.6m) washbay area with internal vapour barrier.
  • Full 18mm OSB kicklining to all timber stall walls and washbay
  • Top ½ doors with fixed window to all stalls and washbay.
  • 2 no 6' x 12' (1.8 x 3.6m) rooms for tack & restroom, unlined, 2’6 access door (760mm), fixed external window.
  • Mezzanine ceiling to both rooms.
  • Polycarbonate lights on upper side walls.
  • 48’ x 10’ (14.4 x 3.0m) full length working corridor with full width sliding door to both gables.
  • Emergency side access door.



Price Guide



6 loosebox stalls and 2 tack/feed areas
(all with offset hinged doors) 
34' x 48' building shell x £12.75ft2



Cuillin Wood


Cuillin plastic




Other options of cladding, roofing and lining as per other pricelists. Internal Options in sliding doors et. as per Internals Pricelist



Extra Eaves Height per 300mm step (max 3.6m) £1500 (+7.5%)

Extra Roof Pitch

per 2.5 deg above 20 deg (max 30 deg)

£500 (+2.5%)

Extend roof to provide 1m  canopy (unlined)


£200.00 / 3.6m

To line extended canopy £100.00 / 3.6m
Change top ½ doors to full stable door sets £150.00 ea




All stalls include kicklining or boarding to eaves height or grill height depending on model.

All sizes are nominal for guidance – please refer to detailed specifications/quotations for exact sizes.

Sizes shown are standard but other bespoke sizes are designed to individual requirements in a full range of sizes.





Basic Standard Specification

Timber Framed

Steel Framed

pressure treated/external grade
fully galvanised


4 x 2 CLS

60 x 60 x 3mm bolting posts

U channel


40 x 40 x 2mm / 150 x 150 x 6mm bolt plates


16 x 125mm CCA weatherboard

32mm boards plastic or softwood

Stalls Kicklining

11mm OSB

Not Required

Steel Grills

1.076 or 1.82m x 760mm tall

Integral full width/1.0m long above midrail


12mm solid bar, 63mm gaps

25.4 x 1.5mm, 63mm gaps


Side hinged bottom only

Hinged 1 pc bottom door to one side


2.44m (8’0)

2.2m (7’3”)







Softwood Treated


Recycled Plastic


Fronts -






Offset Hinged Door












Sliding Door
(integral anti-weave)
  n/a   £130 £130
Centre Hinged Door   £40   £60 £60
Victorian Front -
straight angle
  n/a + centre door £140 £140
Victorian Front -
curved Face
  n/a + centre door £180 £180
Offset Door (max 30deg)   n/a + centre door £80 £80

Partitions (with grill)






Cuillin Panels can have any ratio of solid to bar






Priced on request






Corner Fronts












(100% solid/no grill)


















Tack/Feed Fronts

(with 760 or  900mm door)

























Principal Optional Extras





Solid Upper Door ie. standard 2 part doorset   £60 £125 £150

Antiweave Y Grills





Antiweave Y infill (removeable)



Hinged access door in grill




Grilled upper hinge stable door


Integral Hayrake (on inside face of bars)





Hi/Low Feeder 2.2m x 580 mm with bevelled feedplate





Swivel feeder




Fixed Feed Trough




100 x 100 frame to make Partition hingeable





Munch Station1.2m tall with intergral corner manger  


£120 £120
100 x 100mm frame to make Partition hingeable   N/A £150 £150

0.6mm galv Steel Sheet overlay to 1.2m

  £4 per lin ft



Upgrade from 11 to 18mm OSB

  £2.00 per lin ft



Change Pentland to full external front







Plywood lined top and bottom, 18” tee hinges, 9.5” kicklatch, 8” brenton padbolts, 6” cabin hooks and angled chewstrip to top of bottom door. See stable pricesheet for option pricing, Bespoke Sized Items also produced on same price basis.



Top & Bottom Stable Door

Top & Bottom Pony Door

1220 x 2320mm


1067 x 2320mm


Frame for above   external size 1375w x 2400t


Frame for above   external size 1220w x 2400t


Bottom Door Only     1220w x 1220t


Bottom Door Only     1065w x 1067t



Tack Door

(frame ledge and braced, unlined with all ironmongery) 

Garage Doors

(paired, frame ledge & braced, unlined with all ironmongery)

900mm wide x 1960mm tall


2160mm wide  x 2320mm tall


Frame for tack door ext size 910 x 2040mm


Frame for garage doors ext size 2315 x 2400mm



Windows – other combinations are available on request

Hinged with chain or casement stay        £90 Window 745 x 745 mm with 38mm frame, 2mm acrylic glazed  

Loose 38 x 89 frame with angled cill for above


Multislat - 6 x 150mm perspex slats
(size includes external timber frame)


6 slat 730mm w x 941mm tall frame size






Galvanised Frame Protection

- many bespoke sizes available on request

Square Chewstrip


1220 x 63mm inside with 50mm sides

Angled Chewstrip


1220 x 63mm with 30 deg angle with 50mm sides

25 x 25mm L strip


per lin m

760 / 1076 / 1220 / 1820 / 2400mm lengths

95mm U strip


1220mm lengths



Steel framed items will be manufactured to suit the brickwork sizes you give us.



 External Doors - price includes choice of steel frame

Standard Door Size

2.4m tall x 1.170m wide - with 80 x 80 frame brick opening 1200w x 2416 tall (allows 10mm top & 20mm side)


80 x 80 x 6mm angle for building in with minimum loss of opening width


60 x 40 x 1.5mm square tube and 40 x 60 x 40 x 3mm U channel


Pressure treated 32mm thick softwood or brown recycled T&G boards





Steel Frame




Stable Door








Solid Door, hinged

1 piece solid



Optional Cylinder Lock/Key
Sliding Doors upgrade
Grilled upper panel - hinged (sits behind upper solid door)


Grilled upper panel - removeable (sits behind upper solid door)
Antiweave Grills
  £50 £50
Antiweave Y infill Grills


External Windows - price includes choice of steel frame

Standard Wall Sizes

0.9m x 0.9m rectangular  - please ring for brickwork sizes   (depends on chosen frame style)

External Frame

60 x 60 x 3mm box OR 80 x 80 x 6mm angle for building in

Window Frame

40 x 40mm

Either side hinged or top hinged tilt
Glazed / Barred
6mm wired safety glass with removeable 12mm solid barred grid for security
Solid Infill
Pressure Treated Softwood
Brown Recycled boards 32mm thick


All steelwork fully galvanised.


Steel Grills 1067 x 760 £60.00 with 12mm solid bars at 63mm centres, galv
  1828 x 760 £100.00 12mm solid bars at 63mm centres
Bespoke Length
0.6 - 3.6m long
x 760 tall
£60.00 / lin m
12mm solid bars at 63mm centres
0.6 - 3.6m long
x 1020 tall
£70.00 / lin m
60 x 40 channel/box with 25mm tube 63 mm centres




All sizes are nominal for guidance – please refer to detailed specifications/quotations for exact sizes.

All buildings are open portal frame style without any internal posts or height reducing trusses. Our max clear span is 11m/36’

All units are costed with side and front doors and either 2 x clear windows OR 2 x polycarbonate lights as standard.


Basic Standard Specification


4 x 2 pressure treated CLS

External Weatherboard Cladding

19 x 150mm pressure treated with Premtex W2 Anthracite Vapour Barrier



Onduline (Black)

Purlins 6 x 2 nom CLS to 2.7m bays / 9 x 2 regularised to 4.2m bays


11mm OSB with Dalpro vapour membrane


unlined as standard


500mm to face over front doors - unlined

Eaves Height 8’0 / 2.44m
Truss Height to give minimum 20 deg Apex roof pitch but staying below 4m permitted development height
Roof Support trusses on gables and central open plan portal frame
Access Doors Paired hinged garage doors to suit opening and 1 x side access door


Twin multislat louvre in rear wall

Guttering to all sides in Black 112mm 1/2 round
Windows 750 x 750mm Acrylic glazed opening window or 2400 x 330mm twinwall polycarbonate lights

Price Guide – a full range of sizes is available to exact customer requirement.














































  £3815 £4365 £4885 £5365 £5950


  £4690 £5035 £5995 £6610 £7325

Extend Building to provide side or rear Log Store with Yorkshire boarded walls - £9.25/ft2 / £100/m2


Other Popular Options
Coloured Onduline Roof £6.00/m2

19 x 150mm Vertical Highland Cladding

Steel Profile Roof £16.00/m2 2 ex 50 x 150 Feather Edge Cladding £16.50/m2

Shingles / Carotile Steel


Siberian Larch Cladding


Decra Steel


Eternit Fibre Cement Profile 6


Lining to 2.4m eaves 11mm OSB
£8.00 / lin ft

Insulate external walls - glasswool


Change to sliding doors

£275 / door

Upgrade to 7070 Steel Canopy up&over

£350 / door

Extra Roof Pitch per 2.5 deg +2.5% 
max 30 deg

Extra Eaves Height per 300m step

max 3.6m

750 x 750mm Fixed window

£50 (Acrylic)

750 x 750 Top hinged window / casement stay


Change to 4mm glass £20 per window Polycarbonate Upper Wall "lights" £75 each

Additional 1m canopy (unlined)


To line extended canopy


We can also quote for internal walls, linings, mezzanine floors, roof windows and alternative finishes on request.




We manufacture a wide range of products and whilst many are available with an off the shelf specification, we find that many customers have their own preferences for layout, size and finished specification. We would be delighted to quote against any requirement that you may have.

One of the great things about timber building systems is that they leave a small carbon footprint. Over its lifetime, timber emits 5 times less carbon than concrete and 10 times less that steel! In addition Saltire Stables have had lean manufacturing systems in place for many years which minimises waste and we also recycle all our timber offcuts which are turned into mulch for parks, gardens and riding surfaces. Every stable we manufacture typically locks up 0.7 tonnes of carbon and our typical double garage about 1.2 tonnes.

Our buildings are also lighter to transport and designed to be erected by manpower only meaning they are just about as green as it is possible to be at the current point in time!



We have a number of separate publications available on request


Kennels and Kennel Panels

Product Specific self erection guides


Concrete and basework specifications

Garden Sheds

Door fitting guides


Planning Guidance

Home Offices

Snow Loading and technical support

Lunge Rings



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