Best Live Music Venus in New York City

If you are living in the New York area or are planning a visit to this city you may be interested in some different places to go for late night entertainment. One great way to experience some of the best entertainment in New York City is to check out some live entertainment venues in New York. New York City is infamous for having some of the best live entertainment in the entire country. If you like music and are in the New York area these venues are a must-see as here you can listen to some of the best live music in the city. Here are some of the best live music venues in all of New York.

Beacon Theater

The Beacon Theater is one of the most iconic venues in all of New York. The Beacon Theater is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This theater has been recently refurbished and not only looks new and shiny but now holds nearly 3000 people. This is a very historical venue and is known as being a favorite place for the Allman Brothers to perform.

Rockwood Music Hall

Even though the Rockwood Music Hall is How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? one of the smallest live music venues in all of New York, it is still one of the most popular music venues in the city. This is because the small space offers a great feel for different music sets and there is no coverage charge at all to get into this music hall. There have also been a few known celebrity appearances at this small theater. The music hall also recently opened a second stage next door to accommodate bigger acts.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is debatably the most famous arena in the entire world, so it should be no secret that it is one of the best music venues in all of New York. This arena has been home to some of the most famous acts in the entire world such as Madonna, Prince and the Grateful Dead. It is also been home to many big live award shoes as well. This is also a historically significant building with some breathtaking interiors that are almost as good as the acts that play here.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

The Brooklyn Academy of Music, all called BAM is located right in the middle of downtown Brooklyn. There are actually a handful of different venues within the Brooklyn Academy of Music so there are always different types of acts playing all at the same time at this venue. This is what has made the Brooklyn Academy of Music one of the best known live music venues in the city. Some of the most famous singers in the country such as Paul Simon and Lori Anderson. BAM also has a popular cafe where you can enjoy food, drinks and free live music.

When it comes to enjoying live music there is no better city than New York and with all of these reputable venues there is no shortage of great places to experience music in this vibrant city.

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