Detox Patch – Remove Toxins Naturally

It has been widely known that a lot of of today’s ailments and sicknesses are the results of the build up of harmful elements such as toxins in our body. It was first exposed in Japan that the extracts of wood and bamboo vinegar contains an only one of its kind element which aids in the absorption of bodily toxins. The unique detoxifying foot patch from Japan, which is believed to be the enhanced versions of detox patches, have been scientifically studied and verified to assist in taking out detrimental elements from the human body while one is sleeping. A large number of users around the world have proven that detox patches help out in maintaining good health and welfare. Indeed, these patches have increased their recognition because of ease-of-use and effectual results.

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How detox patches work

The detox patch works on the same way as that of tree trunks wherein it is made up of numerous tiny tubes connected to each other that enable to draw water and nutrients from the roots up to all other parts of the tree. On the part of reflexology conception, the various parts of the foot are connected to each part of the human body. The detox patches are applied on the feet which induce the harmful elements from the major organs of the body and help to dispel it down to the foot. The color of the capsicum heat patches will vary according to the body’s health condition. Dark colored patches will be noticed when removed which indicates that toxins have been dispelled. Through habitual application, the patch color will gradually get lighter and lighter, signifying a stable development of the body’s health.

What do detox patches contain?

Wood Vinegar – great absorbing power of the wood vinegar makes it fit to be used in physiotherapy, for minor pain relief and to decrease swelling in the body.
Bamboo Vinegar – assists in the discharge of superfluous waste matter from the human body.
Chitosan – isolates and dispels fatty tissue out of the body.
Houttuynia Cordata – removes free radicals and fights a variety of harmful bacteria.
Tourmaline – exerts a cleansing and liberating energy in the whole nervous system with a clearing and stabilizing effect. It has been known for dissipating negative energy out of the body through the feet.
Vegetable Fiber – used to lengthen the lifetime of the detox patches. Its fiber prevents ingredients from hardening.
Amethyst- known as a negative ion. This purifies and releases energy on our entire nervous system.
Dextrin – Used to assist in absorbing toxins in the body.
Vitamin C – serves as a stabilizer for patches.
Loquat leaf – promotes the secretion of body fluids.
Raspberry extract – utilized to refresh the tired head and feet.
Grapefruit – for aromatherapy.