Top 5 Tips For Finding an SEO Agency

Finding a suitable SEO company for your business can be a tricky process. There are plenty of companies out there that promise big results which simply don’t materialise and can cost you a lot of money. The right SEO agency will take the time to slowly and effectively optimise your website so your site features in a high position in search engines for your key search terms. This means that choosing a company to help you with your SEO is a crucial decision which can ultimately increase traffic, enquiries and sales for your website.

1) Don’t believe outrageous claims
If a company promises to have your website at number one in Google in a week or if they guarantee to have your website listed on page one for a highly competitive search term, be very wary. SEO can take weeks and even months to show results and there are no guarantees when it comes to what position your website will be in.

2) Ask for evidence
When you’re narrowing down your search for a company to handle your website SEO make sure you ask them for past results. Professional companies should be able to show you examples of websites being listed for search terms which people are actually looking for. If a company shows you a website which is listed in a high position for very obscure search terms ask them how many people are actually looking for that term on a monthly basis – chances are it won’t be many!

3) What you get for your money
Ask the company what services you’ll receive for your money. Some¬† Sommerseo ¬†companies specialise in SEO copywriting or link building whereas others handle every aspect of SEO and online marketing. Check that there won’t be any hidden extras or ‘add ons’ and ask them to clearly define exactly what services you’ll be getting and what results you can expect. It’s also advisable to see what broader services the company offers such as Pay Per Click advertising. Larger agencies also tend to offer PR services such as email newsletters and press releases and also blog and news writing services. Using the same company for a range of services could work out to be more cost effective.

4) Monitor results
Most good SEO agencies provide clear results so you can see how effective a campaign is. This then gives you the information to decide whether to carry on with the service or what changes to make in the campaign. By monitoring results you can decide where to go next with your SEO and the company you work with should be on hand to offer you effective and impartial advice.

5) Go and meet them
There are so many companies offering SEO now that there’s likely to be plenty within your local area that you could meet in person. Meeting the company is the best way to get an idea of how well you will work together and what they can offer you. Successful SEO is a long term commitment so you need to be comfortable with the company you choose to look after your campaign.